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  5. "Kontrol ediyorum."

"Kontrol ediyorum."

Translation:I am checking.

December 7, 2015



is the infinitive ''kontrol etmek'', if so what does it mean


I means "to check", "to control", etc.. Take a look here: http://tureng.com/en/turkish-english/kontrol%20etmek


If it's like the French "controler", then English "control" might be a false friend and "check, inspect" are better - "control" means more like "steer, rule, direct".


This is something almost universally difficult for anyone learning a language influenced by French. :D


It means both!

Uçağı kontrol ediyorum. - I am controlling/checking the airplane.

We understand what it means by the context.


Why is "I am taking control" wrong? How would you say it?


That means something totally different in English. (Estoy tomando contol). In Turkish, it would be something like "başa geçiyorum"

"kontrol etmek" is like "inspeccionar" and less like "to control" in English (unless you are going through passport control)


Ok. Is "I am monitoring" accepted?


I would translate "to monitor" more as "izlemek," as that has more to do with watching. "kontrol etmek" is like going through something to find mistakes.


So, could I also say: "Kontrol yapıyorum.", and it mean the same thing?


I am not a Turkish expert but probably not? "Etmek" and "yapmak" both mean "to do" but they don't seem to be interchangeable in phrases like "kontrol etmek" and "dans etmek". My impression is yapmak is used more generally (e.g. I did it = yaptım) while etmek tends to be used in specific verbs or phrases such as the above examples.


I wrote "I am checking" and it was marked as wrong, why????????????????


I don't understand the sentence in English, I am checking, checking what? in which situation would you say Kontrol ediyorum?


It probably would never be used alone but as part of a conversation. For example you might say "Do you have the tickets" the reply might be "Just a minute, I am checking" I believe they sometimes use sentence that never would normally be used so you get good at interpreting the Turkish to English. I actually wrote "I am checking" and it was marked as wrong.

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