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Russian course on mobiles

Hi all,

Do you know when the Russian course will be available on mobiles?


December 7, 2015



I may be wrong, but I remember reading that the course must reach a certain level of errors per week (I think it was 100 or fewer per week) or something like that before it is approved for the mobile app. Or perhaps it must graduate the beta phase. Regardless, in the mean time, you can use Duolingo in your mobile's web browser - it works very well on most modern phones.


Thanks for your reply. I use it on the webbrowser for now, butit will be more convenient to use it on my mobile. I hope it won't take too long.


The first is right although I can't confirm the number because I don't the number. And it comes to the app before it graduates from beta.


Hi, I've noticed that you learn a lot of languages. Do you use the mobile app or the browser on PC? What about the keyboard when learning a language with non-latin characters? Does it automatically display an appropriate keyboard when learning Ukrainian for example?


Hello, for Ukranian you can use: http://ua.translit.cc/ to transliterate the characters. On mobile I use Google Keyboard (Android) and I switch to it when using Duolingo.


Hi. I mainly use the app (Android) for learning. Except for Russian and when Ukrainian was not in the app. I read grammar and use the forum on the website. It also works fine on mobile phone in Chrome.

I used the Ukrainian and the Russian keyboard on Linux and Windows 7 as well as on Android. The app does not provide any keyboard but reminds you of the wrong keyboard layout. For example when the Japanese or Spanish keyboard are active, the app tells you once you start the lesson that you don't have Turkish keyboard active and some letters might missing (if you learn Turkish in that example).


Side note: While this isn't "official", a few times when Duolingo gives me the "this language isn't supported on the app yet" message, if I hit the back button my my phone and then quickly hit the "strengthen skills" button on the app, it'll give me a strengthening lesson. You just don't seem to be able to get to new lessons.

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