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I finished my english tree! And now?

What are the recommendations after finishing a tree? Is there any other english 'course' here? :S

2 anos atrás

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Now that you finished your tree, you can learn Portuguese for English speakers, what we users call Reverse Tree
You'll pass as a native English speaker trying to learn Portuguese, then you'll have to type most of the lessons in English, to do this, you really need to know how to correctly form sentences, and know a lot of vocabulary too.
Why not to give it a try?
If you're interested, you just need to pass your mouse over the english flag, click on "Adicionar um novo curso", choose "Eu falo: Inglês" then click on the Portuguese course.

You can also translate some documents in the Imersão tab.

2 anos atrás


good idea

2 anos atrás


Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing this with us!

2 anos atrás


Hello! I have finished today too and there is nothing else to learn in this language! The only thing we have to do is reinforce what we know and make some tests that we can buy with lingots. Well, only that.

2 anos atrás