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"Und neue Schuhe hat er immer noch keine."

Translation:And he still does not have new shoes.

January 10, 2013



man this sentence is all over the place... can anyone explain to me why the word order is a bit crazier than usual on this one? also i put "And he still does not have new shoes yet" and got it wrong, wouldnt that still work? i thought noch could mean yet. thanks! :D


I find 'yet' appropriate here. For the syntax, the object comes first here as sort of emphasis, to stress the 'new shoes' he still doesn't have. This is usually influenced by the context, e. g. a dialogue, I guess, in this case.


Where does the word still come from?


from the german 'immer noch'.


ok, so immer means always but immer noch means still?


Yep. It means noch, immer noch and when used in other context (as synonym for however or anyhow) dennoch.

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