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  5. "Я ваш офіціант."

"Я ваш офіціант."

Translation:I am your waiter.

December 7, 2015



"server" is synonymous for "waiter" here in america, and is actually preferred in the food service industry


I thought the correct spelling was:"офіціянт" ... @ least, I have seen it spelled that way. Duolingo, please clarify.

[deactivated user]

    Modern Ukrainian orthography uses «офіціант» (§ 90, 5.a.2).

    «Офіціянт» was used in Kharkhiv orthography as accepted in 1928 (§ 62). That orthography was abandoned in 1933 in Ukraine.

    This course consistently uses the modern orthography.


    I like the spellings like проєкт and офіціянт much more because they fit very nicely into the Ukrainian concept of melodicity, the vowel-consonant alternations...

    But yes, the standard orthography now is проект and офіціант. You are welcome to speak this way though :) Might come off as a bit peculiar but sounds OK to me :)


    That does sound much better. Thanks for clarifying


    Shouldnt there be a я instead of ia? Are there rules for this or are these just one offs.


    Ow this sounds like Italian

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