"моя собака"

Translation:my dog

December 7, 2015

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CJ... aaaaaaaaaawhhhh моя собака! как дела?!


So the word "собака" (dog) is feminine. How would you describe a male dog in Russian?


Female dog=сука (it's as abusive as "bitсh" but more widely used), male dog=кобель. But these words are used only when you want to stress dog's sex. Пёс (male dog) is rarely used these days.


Where's the emphasis supposed to be in "собака"? I think the "o" is to be pronounced like it is in "more", but here, even though the emphasis is on the first syllable, it is being pronounced as "uh".


The emphasis is on the second syllable.


Is it grammatically correct to switch the order? "собака моя"? In other phrases for expressing possession we do this, right? "яблоко мамы"="mom's apple"


It is not true. "Собака - моя" = The dog is mine, "моя собака" = my dog. Possessive pronouns go before the related noun just like adjectives (having the same endings). Genitive possessive noun goes after the related noun. It's not really variable.


Моя моё мои what's the difference??


Their grammatical form is the difference.

  • мой masculine, singular
  • моя feminine, singular
  • моё neuter, singular
  • мои any gender, plural

[deactivated user]

    Is Моя in genitive. This shows possession. If моя isn't genitive why not.


    It is a possessive pronoun and they work like adjectives. Genetive with possessive role is only applicable to nouns and personal pronouns.

    [deactivated user]

      Моей is genitive

      [deactivated user]

        Does genitive only apply when there's nouns?

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