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  5. "Buy candies, please."

"Buy candies, please."

Translation:Купи конфеты, пожалуйста.

December 7, 2015



Hi! Maybe a dumb question, but what form is купи in here?


It is the imperative (singular) of «купить».


Definitely not a dumb question ;)


Can somebody tell me when to use конфет and whrn конфеты? They seem interchangeable so far.


купи конфет = buy some candies; купи конфеты = buy candies / the candies


I'm a bit confused. If конфета has a plural, it is not a mass noun as i.e. картошка ?


No, it is not a mass noun. You can say, for example, «пять конфет» or «несколько конфет».


конфе́т is the genitive case ("of" situation) of конфе́ты.


"купить конфеты пожалуйста" was marked wrong. Aside from not being the most polite possible form, what's wrong with the answer?


"Купить" is the infinitive of the verb "to buy". In this sentence you must use the imperative: either "купи" or "купите".


Thanks for the clarification. It's the little things.


So what is the difference between 'покупай' and 'купи'?


I found a few interesting discussions regarding verb aspects in imperative constructs: http://forum.wordreference.com/threads/2252015/ http://russian.stackexchange.com/q/7329/31057 http://russian.stackexchange.com/q/1512/31057.

My understanding from these discussions is that:

  1. The imperfective aspect (e.g. покупай here) emphasizes the action or the process itself (e.g. "do something"), whereas the perfective aspect (e.g. купи here) emphasizes the outcome (e.g. "get it done").

  2. The imperfective aspect is used for general advice ("always do something"), the perfective is used for specific situations ("do this now").

  3. It seems that occasionally one of the aspects may appear to be more demanding and impolite than the other aspect. I can't say which, because I read conflicting information in the above mentioned discussions. Perhaps it's inconsistent and varies with the actual verbs - I guess some experience and sensitivity is required to speak properly and politely ;)


Покупай means "always buy" or "do buy"


Read about verb aspects (perfective vs. imperfective, e.g. http://www.russianlessons.net/grammar/verbs_aspect.php ). Покупай is imperfective whereas купи is perfective.


can someone explain what gender and number the word конфет is?


Конфет is genitive plural. In the given sentence it means “some candies”.


Which is what bothers me about this example when presented in the English to Russian form. Duolingo seems inconsistent with these. "Some" is seldom implied in English when talking about mass nouns. I would usually say, "Buy some candy or buy some flour" In these examples of English to Russian it becomes a guessing game because I would never just say "buy candies" in English. It seems sometimes when the English to Russian question in English is Imperative + noun the correct answer might be Imperative + genitive plural "конфет" or imperative + accusative plural конфеты as in this example. If the example is meant to be a mass noun, the word some should be used in English.


Купи конфеты = buy the candies


Yes. "Buy the candies please" is what the English sentence should be (in the English to Russian translation exercise) if the expected response is Купи конфеты, пожалуйста. Articles are very important in English. More so in French but that is another lesson.


when is the postfix ты supposed to be used as a genral rule?


?? There is no such postfix. In конфеты конфет- is the stem and -ы is the flexion.

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