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"Dezember ist der letzte Monat im Jahr."

Translation:December is the last month of the year.

December 7, 2015



Why not Der Dezember?


I think "Der Dezember" could also work.

And pace tumsi, article usage in English and German is often similar, but not always identical :) Especially around abstracts.


Just Curious, how do some people become mods?


how do some people become mods?

Generally, when the current team decides they need another member or two, they have a look at whom they have seen around the forums providing helpful comments, speak to them to see whether they are willing, and then ask staff to make that person a forum moderator.


You are talking not a about a distinct december but in general. As far as I see its the same in English: you do not say "the december"


Is it correct to say, Dezember ist der letzte Monat des Jahres.


Yes, and at least for me, it is more common than the suggested translation.


tumsi- Thanks for your fast reply. I appreciate that!


Why not the final month?


Why "the year" and not "a year"?


It's because in the sentence we have: 'im Jahr' = 'in dem Jahr' and 'dem' is a definite article as well as 'the' in English. Whenever in the sentence there are articles like 'der, die, das' and their variants (dem, den etc.) you translate it as 'the' in English but when it's indefinite article like 'ein, eine, einer' and so on you translate it as 'a / an'.


is it okay to say "Dezember ist der letzte Monat in dem Jahr"?


Gramatically Yes. Colloqually No.


In the unit page, they have Monate, with an e, is this plural, or what?


Yes, Monate is the plural of Monat.


I said "December is the final month of the year," and it didn't accept it.


Yep, still not accepted. Reported.


Why is the article for December optional here? In most of the examples encountered throughout this course i've been marked wrong for leaving it out.


I have reported problems with sound but I believe it requires an extra explanation. When there are scattered words in German that one needs to put in the order to make a sentence, the word Monat in the male version is read in a strange way. It sounds more like "monet". The sound is ok in both fast and slow speech as well as in the female voice only male for a single word is causing this problem. Of course this is just one of many exercises where the problem exists.


Also, the male voice at regular speed clearly says "Dezember ist die letzte Monat im Jahr".


Why not "das" letze Monat...?


Because Monat is grammatically masculine, not neuter.


is it ok to say Dezember ist der letzte Monat von das Jahr.


No. von takes the dative case, so you can't use nominative/accusative das after it.

der letzte Monat vom Jahr is one of the accepted translations -- using vom which is a contraction of von dem, with the dative case dem of das.


so the rule of always to include pronouns does not apply here? "Der Dezember ist..."


so the rule of always to include pronouns does not apply here? "Der Dezember ist..."

Der Dezember ist ... sounds better to me.

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