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  5. "Nós comemos isso."

"Nós comemos isso."

Translation:We eat that.

December 7, 2015



Why would you use 'isso' rather than 'esse'?


Came here to ask the exact same question!


could it not also be we eat it?


Strictly? No.

Freely, maybe.

"It" is a personal pronoun matching "ele/ela/o/a":

  • Eat it = Coma-o / Coma-a
  • I have a bear, it likes fish = Eu tenho um urso, ele gosta de peixe
  • It eats a lot! = Ele come muito!

"Isso" is a demonstrative pronoun, translated as "that" (near the listener).

  • That is an elephant = Isso/Aquilo é um elefante
  • It is an elephant = é um elefante

There are cases when we trasnlate "it = isso". These happen when that is the best idiomatic form available, such as when there are prepositions:

  • Because of it = Por causa disso
  • Think about it = pense nisso
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