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What should we add to it?lingots for good comments

2 years ago

  • 2-day streak freezes so people can enjoy a whole weekend away from Duolingo (50 lingots)
2 years ago

that would be great lingots for you

2 years ago
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Great idea! There would be a lot of support for doing that. I know the pain of losing the streak because my desktop crashed!!! It's very disheartening and makes you want to give up.

2 years ago

I would love to be able to buy more courses. I just love the bonus skills. I can't wait for the Christmas one to fill my last slot. But then if there were more courses then another lot of slots on the tree for them. Possibly a pronunciation practice or listening practice (like the timed practice) but only using the microphone/speaker so that you can work on just that for a lesson, without having to read, so that you are forced to listen and forced to speak in the language for a consistent period of time.

2 years ago
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