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  5. "Depuis quand ça importe ?"

"Depuis quand ça importe ?"

Translation:Since when does it matter?

January 10, 2013



Duolingo's got ATTITUDE.


Gurl she got sass!


You, Miss, deserve a Lingot.


Thank you so much! <3


The hint for "importe" is not "matter"


"Matter" is now the dictionary hint.


i agree. it's highlighted because we don't know what it means, yet it still gives us the wrong answer.


It gave us other meanings of the word. Not the wrong answer. The hints are like a dictionary, they do not tell which meaning is the correct one for the given exercise, only a list of meanings. It is up to us to make our best to try to give a good solution for our exercise. Then we are to reflect upon the result and ask each other and other resources for axplanations and then try again until we master the novelty.


You have to report it. Whatever you write here is not read by Duolingo people, only things that your report!


I like to know who came up with the word " matter". No such translation excists! Missing is translation of import


Well i got it right, but at first i thought of import like in import/export there was another example in this exercise were that would have fit... took me a peek to see that they were looking for "important"


Is context the only way to tell whether importe means "matter" or "import" (as in importing goods)?


There isn't enough context in this question, so I think Duo should accept both answers.


That is an impersonal pronoun which is the clue that "matter" is the correct definition. There is usually someone who imports and that will help determine the definition. Also, to import is a transitive verb. There will be something that is being imported : a direct object.


Could an alternate translation be "why does it matter"? Typically in English when we say "since when does it matter" the answer is usually a reason rather than a time/date.

  • You are not allowed to talk to people you do not know anymore.

  • Since when does it matter who I talk to?

  • Since you started talking to strange men driving white panel vans

The answer is phrased as a time but in reality it is giving a reason for the original statement and is equivalent to "because".


Why isn't this question "Depuis quand ça important?"


I think that would mean something like "Since when that important?". "Important" is an adjective.


I agree with musekamp. The conjugated verb "importe" (3rd pers singular) yields "is important". Without that, there is no verb in the sentence. With the assumption that there is a verb in that expression somewhere, we can reasonably infer the meaning of it as "to be important" or "to matter".


There's no verb in what you typed. "importe" conjugates (third-person singular) "importer," which, in this case, translates "to be important," "to matter." "important" as an adjective is identical to it's English cognate. It can also be the gerund of "importer," but then you'd have "Since when that being important?" which makes no sense.


Is there a difference in meaning between "Ca importe." and "C'est important."?



C'est=It is/this is/yhat is.


I'm so proud of my duolinguer self :)


I thought it said depuis qu'on instead of depuis quand


The sounds on and an are close but different. Keep up the practice and you will soon be able to tell them apart.


Somehow I got this right but was for a minute considering 'Since when is it imported' How would that go in French?


Perhaps Depuis quand est-il/elle importé ?


Really confusing. Previously I saw importe and it was "to import", last time I saw depuis it said even though it was present tense in French it was past tense in English, so I translated as past tense...and got it wrong...sigh...guess that's why we're here, to learn....


That sentence, which I am guessing was "J'ai un chapeau depuis que tu as un chapeau", was brutally difficult. It was not actually in the past tense in English, "have had" is present tense, but it was presented confusingly.


I'm thinking that the word should be important.


Quand is pronounced like (English) comb? Wow, hooray for 8 bit audio circa 1994.


I got it right but it marked me wrong. ..


How come the phrase "Since when did that matter" didn't work? Surely "Depuis" or "Since" would make the rest of the phrase past tense? "Since when does it matter" sounds odd to me...


Although the present tense is used in french, it sound much more natural for me to say in english "since when was......"


I answered," since when did it matter?" And got it wrong. How do you translate that?


Ça and ce got me confused this time.


where is the verb? Depuis quand est-ce importe?


How would one say "Since when did that matter?"


Why ça and not ce?

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