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Good Websites for Vietnamese

Hi guys, I found some awesome websites for Vietnamese.

Loecsen: http://www.loecsen.com/travel/0-en-67-2-79-free-lessons-vietnamese.html

L-Ceps: http://free.lessons.l-ceps.com/learn-vietnamese-free-lesson-9.html

Digital Dialects for Vietnamese: http://www.digitaldialects.com/Vietnamese.htm

Loecsen is simple sentences where can learn, not just in Vietnamese, but in any language you want.

L-Ceps is Vietnamese words, ( how else am i going to describe it?)

And Digital Dialects is Vietnamese Phrases, but you can play a game after.

So, these websites are not like Duolingo, but they can be really helpful.

UPDATED 12/8/2015 :

L-Lingo is kinda like Duolingo, but not exactly. They have training first, and you have four quizzes to choose from. You can also learn other languages like Japanese.

UPDATED 12/21/15 : http://www.vietnamtravel.org/learn-vietnamese

Vietnam Travel may not be the best, but it does teach you how to pronounce the words. But the thing is, there is no audio at all.

UPDATED 1/8/16 : http://mylanguages.org/learn_vietnamese.php

My languages is website where you can learn almost any language, and has multiple category's such as color, the alphabet, and others.

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Thank you! Boolma!

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Cam On Rat Nhieu Chi!

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you guys are welcome! :)

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