10000 xp :)

Almost took me 5 months to reach here but I finally made it.

December 7, 2015

<h1>Awesome work Jamshed!!!!!!!!!!</h1>

It took me about 2 months to get to 5,500 xp :)

Thank you for your very kind words :) oh and wow you are a rapid learner! That's amazing

Not really some people can get over 20,000xp in over a day! Though yes I think it's awesome. And you're welcome! :D

20,000 xp over a day? Are they doing it 24 hr straight nonstop? By the way nice job!

Also it took me 3 month to get about 4500 xp... Cries in corner

Don't cry, it's ok! I used to cry too, believe it or not, because people had millions (compared to me) of xps.

And thank you J.Appleseed21!

BTW I really like your username and your pic ;)

I don't know if they do it 24-hours nonstop. But, at the end of the day, I see 20,000xp.... o.o

Oh, really? Funny! Sorry I though you weren't joking

It's fine, everyone has errors :)

I'm actually fine, it's just a joke.. "Don't you get it?" Well, that 20,000 xp guy/girl must be extremely hard-working...

By the way, thank you! My name is John so I thought of Johnny Appleseed. and the pic was from a game I played :D

Like BLAZERUNNER for instance

Congratulations on your milestone! So far, it has taken me just under 2 months to get 6,300 XP. I hope to reach your level soon!

Thank you :) And I'm sure you will

I'm at around 1500 XP in 3 weeks (some of it spread over last month but most of it in 3 weeks)

15500 in two months, but this score should be placed in context: I speak perfect Spanish and French and most of my closest friends are Italian; when they speak with me it is in English and French, but when they speak together, they do so in Italian assuming I can understand the gist of their conversations. I also have many years of language teaching experience and conceived a complete English method for Kodak, which obeys the same principles as those of Duolingo. What I was lacking was grammar and more vocabulary. So I believe that Kingo deserves to be congratulated more than I do if he started from nothing. In any event, for me, the key to advancing quickly is to complete each skill in the correct order, completely (all five levels), and to work every day, if possible. I am also in the habit of spending about half an hour a day carrying on mental conversations with myself in Italian while going about my daily routine, in order to apply what I have learned while identifying vocabulary and grammar that I need.


that's okay and when did you join duolingo?

oh I see, I'm sure you will work your way up :)

Nice job man! Have a Lingot for all your hard work! :D

i got (in 1 hour!!!!!!) 111 xp

Das ist gut. (That is good).

I have reached 11000 XP in 3 weeks

3 years later (in spongebob voice)

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