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"No, we are not eating anymore."

Translation:Hayır, biz artık yemiyoruz.

December 8, 2015



what is the difference between ''artık'' and ''şimdi''


My understanding is that "artık" has to do with a turning point, a division in time connected to a change. So it could mean "anymore" (in the past it was this way -> now it is not this way anymore) but it could also mean "from now on" (in the past it was not this way -> from now on it will be this way) or "already."

"Şimdi" means simply "now," the moment of speaking


Artık now onwards, so it's more like starting now, as of now. Şimdi means right now, as in this moment.


Artik VS Daha fazla

Could someone explain the difference?

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