Phrasal verbs list

I'm looking for a page that displays at least most most used phrasal verbs of the norwegian language but I can't find one. Do you guys where I could find something like that?


December 8, 2015


If you can, try and track down the book "Norwegian: An Essential Grammar". It has a section on phrasal verbs with dozens of them. I am thinking of compiling the list for flashcard use. I have Friday off, so I might try and type them all out with their English translations and could post it here. But I still recommend the book, it is very well written and very clear. Do not get "Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar" by Louis Janus. I saw a review of it by a Norwegian writer who bought it out of curiosity and found it filled with typos, errors, and unnatural and even just wrong language.

It is well presented though, and if it didn't have the errors it would be a great book. I used to own it and checked some of it out with my Norwegian mother who noticed a lot of errors and verified the review. The book I recommended though is very well done, and it helps that is was written by two native speakers and not someone who learned the language.

Are there so few you can compile in one Friday?

Having had another look at the book, there are around 230. These are idiomatic prepositional phrases and separated by the preposition involved.

Doing it all in one day seems a bit unlikely, but I will spend a few hours compiling them and see where I get up to and will give updates when I can. Personally, I want to compile and learn them all as they are very important to understanding language which, for many of these phrases, don't make sense when looking at each word literally in combination.

Once compiled I'll be making a flashcard deck in Anki for them. If you are not familiar with it, check it out, it is an excellent flashcard program for self-study.

There's and I think it is more popular.

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