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  5. "Şarkıcı sıcak su içer."

"Şarkıcı sıcak su içer."

Translation:The singer drinks hot water.

December 8, 2015



How do I know which one is singer, which one 'a singer' and 'the singer'?


The statment looks like a puzzle ,you can't repeat it twice! :-)


What is the meaning of this one?


Exactly what it says: "The singer drinks hot water".

So, there is a singer (somebody who sings) and when he drinks, he drinks not tea but simply hot water.


It didn't show the meaning in the Android app for me. Thanks!


in this sentence, isn't 'the singer' the subject? and if it is, why does the subject take the accusative case? i'm sure the subject doesn't take the accusative case in Turkish?


in this sentence, isn't 'the singer' the subject?

That's right.

and if it is, why does the subject take the accusative case?

It doesn't.

"singer" in Turkish is şarkıcı, not şarkıç.

The at the end is part of the suffix -ci, which basically means "person connected with ...". (It's -cı in this word because of vowel harmony. You might also see it as -cu or -cü.)

In this case, it's a person connected with songs (şarkı is a song) -- a singer.

Another useful -ci word is öğrenci "student", which comes from öğren·mek "to learn".

Long story short: şarkıcı is in the nominative case. (The accusative case form of that word would be şarkıcıyı.)


this was really helpful, thanks :)

i guess it all makes sense now. i'm probably feeling a bit overwhelmed from all the different cases and suffixes. thanks again.

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