"Япония страна, где много гор."

Translation:Japan is a country where there are many mountains.

December 8, 2015



In fact, the mountain area covers approximately 73% of its total land area in Japan. Too much, but I love mountains ;)

December 8, 2015


haha ! i wanted to see if it is possible to translate in a not "word-to-word" way.. so I said "japan is a very mountainous country" and it was wrong. ! i knew it would be but I tried. certainly there is a word for "mountainous" in russian but, really, "a montainous country" is a country with many mountains. By the way, for my native english-speaking friends, "mountainous" comes from the french" montagneux", and" mountain" is"montagne" like 40% of the english vocabulary! No hard feelings !

August 12, 2016


So, what would be the translation of "Japan is the country where there are many mountains"?

January 15, 2017


I think that way of wording it implies that the "new information" is that the country described is Japan, and not some other country - so Япония would go at the end. I'm not 100% sure how that would rearrange the sentence though :/

May 4, 2019


Maybe "Страна, где много гор -- Япония."

May 4, 2019


I dont believe the translation " japan is a country, that's many mountains" is correct. Shouldnt it be some thing like '..a country with many mountains'? ..or 'where many mountains are'?

January 20, 2016


"Japan is a country of many mountains" ought to be correct. It is more lyrical !!

May 28, 2016


What would the Russian sentence be for "Japan is a country with a lot of mountains"? = Япония-страна с множеством гор?

March 21, 2016


"Множество гор" sounds weird.

April 22, 2016


I don't think "Japan is a country where are many mountains" should be incorrect

August 6, 2017


It's not proper English - it should be where there are many mountains.

April 1, 2018
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