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"Япония страна, где много гор."

Translation:Japan is a country where there are many mountains.

December 8, 2015



In fact, the mountain area covers approximately 73% of its total land area in Japan. Too much, but I love mountains ;)


So, what would be the translation of "Japan is the country where there are many mountains"?


I think that way of wording it implies that the "new information" is that the country described is Japan, and not some other country - so Япония would go at the end. I'm not 100% sure how that would rearrange the sentence though :/


Maybe "Страна, где много гор -- Япония."


What is that supposed to mean? The in this sentence would be expected to be followed by a Superlative, not a positive.

The wouldn't make sense im this sentence.


I dont believe the translation " japan is a country, that's many mountains" is correct. Shouldnt it be some thing like '..a country with many mountains'? ..or 'where many mountains are'?


"Japan is a country of many mountains" ought to be correct. It is more lyrical !!


What would the Russian sentence be for "Japan is a country with a lot of mountains"? = Япония-страна с множеством гор?


"Множество гор" sounds weird.


haha ! i wanted to see if it is possible to translate in a not "word-to-word" way.. so I said "japan is a very mountainous country" and it was wrong. ! i knew it would be but I tried. certainly there is a word for "mountainous" in russian but, really, "a montainous country" is a country with many mountains. By the way, for my native english-speaking friends, "mountainous" comes from the french" montagneux", and" mountain" is"montagne" like 40% of the english vocabulary! No hard feelings !


I don't think "Japan is a country where are many mountains" should be incorrect


It's not proper English - it should be where there are many mountains.


Audio says "Япония - страна где много городских" now this is the new low for TTS. Not even close. Reported 07 oct 2020


Well, our old TTS had its share of considering words at the end of a sentence to be abbreviations (eg. пол-->половина). These new voices make fewer mistakes, but there are new ones that we have to find. There isn't much we can do at the moment but thank you for bringing to our attention.

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