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  5. "I did not follow the woman."

"I did not follow the woman."

Terjemahan:Saya tadi tidak mengikuti perempuan itu.

December 8, 2015

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Ikuti not ok?

Why "wanita tersebut", and not "wanitanya"?


In colloquial, you could use "ikuti". (Saya/aku tidak ikuti dia).

If someone use "nya" (in "wanitanya"), it means belong to someone (his/her). Then "wanitanya" = his/her woman.


Thank you! So, Duolingo should add "ikuti"?

I have a hard time to make the distinction between the -nya meaning "the" and the -nya meaning her/him.

"Wanita tersebut" = "wanita itu"?


I don't think Duolingo will add it. It isn't standard grammar.

The literal meaning of "the" is closed to "tersebut". But you could use "itu" as alternative (the compatibility is almost 100%)

Tersebut = ter + sebut. Literally means called, mentioned, said, ... so it means something that is known.

"Itu" literally means that. "That" here refers to something that is known.

If you want to stress the distance (that is far), use "itu".


Thank you! It explains why it's translated as "mentioned" in my ReadLang dictionary. I didn't understand why.

I'm still confused with the -nya sometimes meaning "his/her" and sometimes meaning "the".


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