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  5. "первый раз в первый класс"

"первый раз в первый класс"

Translation:to first grade for the first time

December 8, 2015



This can perfectly well be translated as "(The) first time in first class" or "In first class for the first time" - as on an airplane.

I do realize that the Accusative denotes "movement", otherwise the Prepositional / Locative would have been used ("Первый раз в первом классе") but we do say "пересесть в первый класс" or "билет в первый класс".


I don't think they've checked this one in a while; there's a lot of acceptable answers that aren't in the system yet.


This question is driving me mad. What on earth does it mean?????


It's just a wish / saying for the first day of school, one of those typically Russian things. It's also used semi-ironically for any kind of first day, e.g. a new job:

  • Мальчики, первый раз в первый класс! ➡️ Okay, boys, first day of school!

  • Первый раз в первый класс, салага? ➡️ First day on the job, rookie?

This might give you a better idea of the whole concept behind the phrase:


Класс has multiple different definitions in Katzner's dictionary: social class, mode of transport (first class travel), classroom, collection of students in a group, grade (group for a year of study - 1st grade, 2nd grade).

This sentence could literally mean "the first time in first class", so I reported it.


This particular lesson seems too-contrived.


'первый раз в первый класс' is a very well-know and widely used set phrase in Russian.


It's widely used, but in what context? "To first grade for the first time" sounds a bit specific and unnatural in English, is there a better translation?


Literally it's used as the congratulation to children for going to the first grade for the first time in their lives on the 1st September, but also widely used as a kind of motto (somewhat ironical) in other situations when someone starts doing something new and of considerable importance. I'm not aware of a corresponding English phrase.


thank you for the clarification


Ahh okay, thanks for clearing that up! For English the closest phrase would just be someone's "first day of school".


DL needs a much better translation!


Yes but what does it mean in English?


My translation "first time in the first grade" should have been accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Please use the Report button when such things happen.


    You can't hear the в very well in this

    [deactivated user]

      It's there. It's pronounced as a faint [f], and the pronounciation is pretty accurate here: it's exactly how I'd pronounce it.

      It's pronounced voiceless because it's followed by a voiceless consonant п [p].

      Forvo has some other examples where «в» is between 2 voiceless consonants pronounced by real people: блуждать в потёмках, быть в почёте. Also, there're some examples with в before other voiceless consonants: вступать в силу, зайти в тупик, шутки в сторону, ставить в тупик, поднатореть в чём-то, входить в колею, вступить в силу, быть в курсе, быть в сборе, сказать в сердцах. You might try listing to them to practice hearing «в» between voiceless consonants.


      "To the first grade for the first time" was not accepted. It's ridiculous enough that the sentences does not even make sense, but not accepting my answer because I added "the" before "first" is just too much!


      For the first time to the first grade WASN'T ACCEPTED BY DUO, EITHER. RIDICULOUS!


      The first time in first class - incorrect.


      Вот толку нажимать Report если ничего не меняется. Как было мало вариантов ответа правильных так и осталось.


      пора смириться, что над словарным запасом и ответами никто не работает, или очень редко.


      Some idioms are worth remembering, because they are common and useful. This is definitely not one of them. How many times in one's life is there an opportunity to congratulate a child for his/her first day in first grade?

      Including such an obscure scenario in a generalized course is ridiculous.


      why "The first time in first class" do not accepted?


      The English makes no sense at all.


      Speaking exercises with numbers are impossible they are just never accepted, no matter if I pronounce it correctly or not. Such a ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. I might have to turn off speaking exercises while doing this course... Am I the only one with this specific problem?

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