Anyone reading the reports?

Just wanted to shout out to the team and ask if you guys are working on something big right now, because it seems like for the last few months no one has been reading the reports.

I sometimes find myself reporting 10+ things per lesson (!!!), and am quite confident that the reports are correct (fluent in Russian, therefore understand the grammar, and by now have a reasonably good understading of how Ukrainian works). Even so, only my very early reports were acted upon.


December 8, 2015


I'm certain that nobody has updated the course in a long time, I'm finding the same problems that I reported weeks ago, and in the comments I see people who had reported things months ago that I'm still running into today. The two creators haven't been active on Duolingo in 3 months and of the 3 other contributors, only one is regularly active. But hey, I'm sure they're just working on something big like you said. Я оптиміст!

December 11, 2015

I concur entirely. Many times I've found even very basic the/a English variant translations not accepted; I report one, and look at the discussion page only to find that other people have already reported it 4/5/6 months ago. Unfortunately I get the strong feeling that the course has been abandoned by its creators.

December 21, 2015

Maybe they got overwhelmed by the volume of work necessary... they just finished working on the course for months and thought that was hard work, now they get to see the volume of reports pouring in, reporting mistakes and requesting additional translations, that all need to be evaluated as to their merit and then either added or rejected. Plus they ought to monitor the sentence discussions to answer questions asked there.

I have a small view into the German-from-Turkish course which just entered beta, and there is a small flood of reports pouring in already, mostly asking for reasonable alternatives simply because most sentences have maybe two or three alternatives but more are needed, and I'm sure that a week or two from now when the existence of the course is better known, the volume will increase even more.

Plus some people are less polite in their reports or their comments on sentences, as I'm sure you've seen. "You idiots, why don't you accept 'foo'? It's completely correct!!!!"

Poor Ukrainian guys. But I do hope they tackle the flood eventually, even if slowly, rather than simply walking away entirely.

December 21, 2015

I recently started the Ukrainian course and am currently at Level 4. I just found this thread and as well as another regarding the current status and quality of the course. I am not sure what to think and if I should have much confidence in learning much through it. Do most creators of courses stick it out and continue to maintain them or do they disappear like those that created this one?

January 11, 2016
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