"У вас в квартире есть балкон?"

Translation:Does your apartment have a balcony?

December 8, 2015

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Marked wrong for "Do you have a balcony in the apartment?" (with "the" highlighted as the error, and "Do you have a balcony in your apartment" given as a correct answer).

Possession is as clearly implied in the English as in the Russian; it'd be rare to find someone who has a balcony pertaining to someone else's apartment.


In case it's not already added, "at" should obviously be available as preposition too, though I erred on the side of the literal "in", myself.

Edit: Now tried that, and was marked wrong for "Do you have a balcony at your apartment?", with the preposition marked as incorrect.



Strictly speaking I can live in an apartment, which is not mine. Still having my own apartment elsewhere. So, the first apartment would be "the apartment" but not "my apartment". In Russia (not in Russian per se!) that may be quite a distinction.

But for the purposes of this test I think you're right.


Would it be right to say "Is there a balcony in your flat?". It is marked as wrong. Thank you.


"Is there a balcony in your apartment" was also marked wrong. I think we are both right.


Literally it's "do you have a balcon in (your) apartment?", right? Else, I would be confused about the usage of есть because a previous centence says В нашем городе дешёвый интернет but there's no есть.


В нашем городе есть дешёвый интернет!!(I found it) В нашем городе есть дешёвый интернет?? When I talk about a well-known fact I say в нашем городе дешевый интернет.


although it seems pointless to make these comments, it remains frustrating to have correct answers continually marked wrong. "Is there a balcony in you apartment" is a perfectly accceptable translation... (just one example, several per exercise)


Why is "at your apartment" marked incorrect. That is perfectly ok english. In fact i would very rarely say "in your apartment"


'Do you've a balcony...' is wrong English


Still marked "the apartment" wrong, two years later. I thought implied possession (no pronoun needed) only held for body parts and family members. Shouldn't this be свой балкон to be "your apartment"?

(Edit: I seem to remember the construction "у pronoun в place" and am trying to find the notes...)


what is the purpose of the в in у вас в квартире есть балкон ?


Can someone explain why "Do you have a balcony in the apartment" is wrong?

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