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вот наш бизнес-план на будущий год.

[deactivated user]

    I'm scratching my head because of this new sentence above. I instantly wrote ¨ вот наш биснес-план на будущем году¨

    Please, can somebody tell me if my sentence is outright wrong, and why? Otherwise are those expresions of time interchangeable?

    I think I'll be done with russian expressions of time if I undertand this.

    December 8, 2015



    From a mnenmonic point of view, consider the other uses of на for stating purpose or intended use. The uses are quite diverse but it is ALWAYS Accusative in there:

    • На обед я съел рис с курицей. ~ For lunch, I ate rice and chicken
    • На десерт было мороженое. = Ice cream was the dessert (=We had ice cream for dessert).
    • сэндвичи на завтра = sandwiches for tomorrow
    • расписание на следующую неделю = next week's schedule
    • На создание макета ушло 2 недели. = 2 weeks were spent to create the mock-up (or "scale model").
    • На создание макета ушло 10 килограммов глины. = 10 kg of clay were used up to create the mock-up (or "scale model").
    • Я учусь на математика. = I study to become a mathematician. (i.e. you major in maths at a uni)
    • Я учусь на биолога. = I study to become a biologist.

    [deactivated user]

      I like your point of view very much! so the point in it is that the DURATION of the activity is not emphasized, what is really important when you use Ha + Accusative is the purpose, deadline...etc. Otherwise it would be:

      .В будущем году мы будем производить вот этот биснес-план.

      Is that right shady_arc?


      иметь план (на какой-то период времени, на что?) на будущий год. You have the next year and plan what to do with it иметь план (в каком-то периоде времени, когда?) в будущем году

      [deactivated user]

        I got it! Thanks.

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