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"Je suis petit car je suis un enfant."

Translation:I am small because I am a child.

January 10, 2013

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Can you not say Je suis petite? I thought the rule was the adjective applies to the subject and as I am a girl, petite should be allowed? I know it is the convention to have the masculine form but still


You can hear the difference using this synthesizer set to French ... http://www.acapela-group.com/text-to-speech-interactive-demo.html ... enter this text and listen to the slight difference between spoken 'petit' and 'petite'

"Je suis petit. Je suis petite. Je suis petit. Je suis petite."

It's exactly as territrades describes but it helps me to hear both words spoken like this.


so... Car, depuis, parce que, du fait, all ways to say because?


It's like as, for, because, and since in English. Not quite synonymous all the time, but can often be interchangeable.


Why is "I am short" not legit? I thought grand and petit, were small and big as well as tall and short.


I put in kid instead of child and it said it was wrong why?


In English, "kid" is an informal word. It is comparable to the French "gamin(e)" or "gosse".


Would it be correct if I wrote "Je suis petit, parce que je suis un enfant"?


IMO that would be correct; however, I don't remember the structure of the exercise. If you feel strongly that your answer is correct, you should report it at the time.


can a native speaker answer to this question? I am a bit confused about parce que/ car, etc.


This may have been asked elsewhere - what is the difference between car and parce que? When might one use one but not the other?


Why isn't "infant" a valid translation for "enfant"?


The French word for "infant" is "nourrisson" or "bébé"; "enfant" has the more general meaning of "child."


Can i say: "je suis petit parce que je suis un enfant." ? What's the difference between this two sentences?


Hi Amanda. You've raised a pertinent query here and as always the answer to a simple question is really involved and lengthy. Too much for this space. Firstly yes you can use both forms and no, in this sentence there is little if any difference. However Parce que and Car have differing functions and there are times when one will not do. I went to "www.about.com/fr grammar parce que vs car" followed the link and a very interesting complete lesson came up. It also goes some way to settle the confusion around the the lesson which used depuis que "since" and the confusing English double usage of "since" both for temporal and causal purposes. Well worth the time for anybody doing this lesson of Duo's here.


This is a song. Je suis petit car je suis en enfant du monde. Je remue le ciel, le jour, la nuit.......


"I am small as I am a kid" is what it said was the correct response #confusing


What's the difference between car and parce que? Merci !


I was a bit confused about it myself until I saw this page. It's very helpful. Check it out! http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/conclusions.htm Good luck with your french! :)


I thought parce que was because that's how I learned it in french class.


There is more than one French word that can be translated as "because."


Why is there a choice in the language section for English (USA) and not English (UK)?


Some hints are labeled so as to differentiate terms that are more common in AmE from those that are more common in BrE. E.g., "un camion" = a truck (AmE), a lorry (UK). Not every English noun is going to carry such a label so consider it a nice surprise if it is so indicated. When there are US and UK versions shown, it generally means that either will be accepted as part of an otherwise correct answer.


If I'm female and i say I'm petite, why can't i say une enfant?


Doesn't like the English word 'infant'


The English word "infant" = "le nourrisson" (it may also be translated as "newborn"). Of course there is also "le bébé" (baby). But "l'enfant" means "child" (not "infant").


While pronouncing, why is the 's' of suis not conjoined with the 'un' like the 'n' of 'un' is with the 'e' of enfant? What's the rule?


Hi Abubakar. To shift the tongue's position and the mouth shape to go from "ee" of "Suis" and "uh" of "Un" the consonant "Y" is faintly sounded. So the mouth/tongue is actually going from a faint consonant to a vowel sound rather than from a vowel sound to a vowel sound so, no elision. With "In" and "Enfant" however, these are two definite vowel sounds and without the elision would be very difficult to pronounce, hence the "N" of "Un" is sounded to both facilitate ease of pronunciation and separate "Un" from "Enfant."


Can you use "parce-que" instead of car?


Yes, Geo, but there may be academic constraints and I'm not knowledgeable enough in French Grammar to advise. What I do know is "Car" cannot begin a sentence. If you read this thread your query has been addressed.


difference between car and parce que


Big subject but as a start; Car can not start a sentence.


Then my old High School French dialogue was wrong, as it was "Car je voudrais regardez le journal." (Because I would like to look at the newspaper." You may want to recheck that.


Nothing against your former teacher but "car" should not be used to begin a sentence. Open this link in a browser to learn more about how "car" and "parce que" are used. https://www.thoughtco.com/because-in-french-1368823


Yes, your old high school French dialogue was, indeed, wrong. At least if it claimed that starting a sentence with "car" was grammatically correct. (We all know that languages as they are spoken by natives do not always follow the rules of grammar strictly. But textbooks, particularly at the high school level, tend to try to teach strictly correct language use, and starting a sentence with "car" is not grammatically correct.)



If the example you posted is correct then your old High School French dialogue (not sure what that is) was also correct.

Your example is not a sentence and thus can begin with anything that seems reasonable. However, according to many knowledgeable people here and the links provided...car cannot start an actual sentence.


What about Parce que


"Parce que" is also accepted here.


I was marked wrong because I didn't contract to "i'm"...


No, that is not the reason. You had a real mistake which we could help you with if you remember what you wrote.



The Duo computer reports the first mistake it finds in a sentence. It has no idea what you were thinking. If you have two valid words but one of them conflicts with the other in some way it has no means to know what you intended.

If you use a feminine adjective with a noun spelled in the masculine form the computer has no way of knowing the actual gender of what you are discussing. Both the feminine adjective and the masculine ending noun are correct, just not together. It can't decide ...you must have meant masculine and made a mistake with the adjective.........

Typically it will report the first word that seems out of order. It is a computer. It moves in a linear fashion. Or it could be something as simple as a missing apostrophe or one that is incorrectly typed. You believe it was there but the computer doesn't see it.

There is little point in doing what many people do here and that is typing their oven version of something that is obviously correct. You have to post the whole sentence since your use of I'm was incorrect when applied to the rest of the sentence.

[deactivated user]

    I thought because was parce que


    It is Liyan. My friend Claude Henri in Marseilles says that Parce Que is slightly more formal than Car. May I add that only Parce Que may be used to begin a sentence, not Car. The expert grammarians on this site may well have more to add.


    is car used more then parce que in France?


    Depends on where one is located, Callie, France is a very large country and in addition, in which French-speaking country one is. The main thing to remember is that Car can not be used to begin a sentence. There are finer academic references to the use of each and I'm not confident enough to broach them.


    Hii...am new here....struggling alot with pronounciation....any suggestions on how to improve?


    Practice. Lots and lots of practice.


    Excellent n6zs. I know that you don't need them but I'll post a lingot thingamajig to highlight your post; it is important in my view. Votre ami JJ.


    Tu es très gentil, mon ami.


    why I cannot use I am small because I am a kid ??? kid is the synonym for a child.. ❤❤❤?


    That has been answered at least a dozen times in this forum. Read the other responses.

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