"Restauranten lager bedre mat enn kona mi."

Translation:The restaurant makes better food than my wife.

December 8, 2015

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It would be wisely not to say it in her face but to give her a good cookbook :)


Naturally if you give her a good cookbook and then say it to her, it would be highly likely that she would smack you with it :P


Duolingo teaching me how to get divorced ? :D


It's an excerpt from our wildly popular phrasebook, "What not to say in Norwegian".


I utgangspunktet er det ikke så fryktelig fornærmende. Mulig at han bare spiste hos Noma i København. Da forventer jeg egentlig, at de lager bedre mat enn de fleste konene... ;) :P

Men hvis han sier dette etter et besøk til McDonald's, så burde dette nok få alle til å tenke ... ^^


Forsiktig hvem du sier det rundt .....


Some things you just never say out loud...this is one of them


There should be a verb ("does", in English) after "enn kona mi" for it to make sense: otherwise the implication is that the wife might have been on the menu!


Nobody ever says that! (Is that why no one commented on tis ?) Or you will have to cook all your -- and her -- food yourself ;-)

juste mes deux centimes...

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