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  5. "The turtle eats the apple."

"The turtle eats the apple."

Translation:Kaplumbağa elmayı yer.

December 8, 2015



Since it is THE turtle i don't understand why there isn't kaplumbağayı (not sure if it's the correct form or there is 'a' instead of ı but that's not the point right now) ...so - kaplumbağayı elmayı yer? Teşekkürler :)


cases are for objects. "the turtle" is the subject of this sentence and cannot be in the accusative case


You only use kaplumbağayı when it is the object of the sentence. If it is the subject it is just kaplumbağa. If the apple eats the tortoise it would be elma kaplumbağayı yer.


Why is accusative here? İs elma wrong?


I'm losing hearts because I keep translating turtle correctly. I have told Duo quite a few times that when it asks me to translate turtle and I say su kaplumbağası I am actually correct but it hasn't changed. How long does it take for a correction to take place?


Wow, when I see here in the comments how people are struggling with Turkish "Artikel" and recognise hiw difficult to explain it, I am not going to complain about the German Artikel, Akkusativ, Dativ etc. XD Good luck!


Why elmayi not elma as it is apple (singular) ?


Because it's object not subject in the sentence


Elmayı represents an object.


It shows my answer incorrect, but in the correct meaning, the answer is the same.


Same. What is wrong with doulingo?


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I'm curious if Kaplum and bağa have meanings on their own ?


Nope. "Kaplumbağa" is a simple word and so is "kurbağa". They're similar but that's just a coincidence I believe. :)


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