"Они в метро?"

Translation:Are they in the subway?

December 8, 2015

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You could say on the Subway


In russian there is two different meanings:

Они в метро - they are located below ground, IN the subway station or train. We can used it when want to say, that you can't call them with mobile, because there no signal IN subway.

Они на метро - they are moving WITH USING subway (metro train), and now they are moving on train or move anywhere through the station. We can use it when want to say, than you can't see them on the usual bus stop, because they moving WITH undeground.


I agree, but it could be either on or in. I think "on" would tend to be used to indicate being on the subway train, while "in" would indicate a landing or boarding area ("in" the tunnels rather than the train).


I typed , "Are they on the subway?" And got it wrong. I believe its because that would be "они на метро? На being used for "on".


Why does "Are they on the metro?" not count?


Tecnecly they aren't ON the subway.They are IN the subway.


because it is the same person think I can't say "taxi" I need to say "cab" now he/she thinks ; I need to say "subway" instead of "metro" which both is acceptable and used in ENGLISH.....


you could also say tube instead of subway


Isn't the tube slang?


In Britain we say "on" the metro/subway


In the US too. This also applies with 'subway', 'the T', 'train', 'bus', 'ferry', etc. 'In' sounds goofy & incorrect but they marked me incorrect with 'on'. I reported it


Why can't i say "are they AT the metro" ??


I can never hear the "в" in these.


This should work.. it's not a test for correct use of English prepositions!


Why not "at" the subway? It's perfectly common and valid to say someone is at the subway.


Why is "are they on the train?" not accepted for this sentence? Are the words for train and subway different?


I'd imagine because "train" is usually above ground, whereas "subway" is usually below ground.


So, I hear this в sometimes merge with the word after it, but sometimes with the word before it. Is there any special rules for it?


It's mostly just whichever word starts/ends with a vowel. Они́ в метро́ sounds like "oniv metro" because они́ ends in a vowel.

At least, I think so. [2019/04/07]


Is this question "Are they in the subway?" and the sentence "They are in the subway" any different? Because it is not clear from the hearing only form.


In one translation "a metro" is accepted and in this one it must be "the metro" even though there is nothing to suggest that the first option would be wrong. I believe it should be changed


Train station should work instead of subway


"Are they at the metro" should be an accepted answer


Little problem ive been encountering with this app when learning Russian when i put it how it is read in Russian its wrong for example intead of it being where is guitar it says its where is a guitar from what many of my Russian friends have told me it shouldn't have an a in it seeing in russia it would translate over to where is guitar

It also implies that Russia goes by the English grammar system there for it is incorrect.

I also translate Russian everyday and ive never seen anyone a in a sentence before and the only reason i have this app is to get a better grasp on the alphabet when it comes to the unfimilars as some call them

Sorry for ranting on so long its just im very frustrated about this and it keeps wasting my life's and slowing me down. Im hoping that they will make both correct answers.


I put в at the metro, not in. Why can't в mean at the metro? I mean Метро means Metro, and in English it can mean Metro (subway-vehicle) or (Metro, Subway Station). Is Метро only understood as the vehicle or can it refer to the station? If so, I put 'at' which should have been accepted.

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