"Il boit du vin."

Translation:He drinks wine.

January 10, 2013

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I like how this appears in the "Breakfast" lesson now. This guy knows how to wake up in the morning! :y


isn't "drinking" bois in French? never seen "boit"???

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There are conjugation forms for each verb. When you want to know how to conjugate a verb, hover your mouse over it: click on the "conjugate " option, and you'll get a conjugation table.

The conjugations for the present of indicative of "boire" are the following:

  • Je bois

  • Tu bois

  • Il / Elle boit

  • Nous buvons

  • Vous buvez

  • Ils boivent


Hi it says type if I give Ll or ll. How do I type in (ll as in he) ?

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You have to type: capital "i" (as in "Igor") and then lower case "l" (as in "look")

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