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"Voglio che il poliziotto ci indichi la strada."

Translation:I want the police officer to show us the road.

December 4, 2013



This acceptable answers for this should be expanded. Similar sentences in the same exercise are translated differently.


"I want the policeman to point out to us the street." should be an accepted translation, no?


agree - that's what I put. I've reported it.


Reported again Mar2019


why not police?


I want the policeman to indicate the street to us as an alternative to the first translation in your correct translation is correct. This is how we speak in English and my answer should be accepted and not as you suggest " I want that the Policeman indicate the street to us".


policeman is more acceptable than police man though both should be accepted


I misspelled poliziotto (2 z's & 1 t) & the whole sentence is marked wrong. The third sentence in this lesson with a similar problem. Seems we should just have the misspelled word pointed out than the whole sentence marked wrong.


I want the police to show us the road is not accepted!!


Suggest stop looking for confirmation of your answer! Perhaps translate Duolingo's answer back into Italian and compare.


I want that the policeman shows us the street...why is this wrong translation??


It's an awkward English sentence.


no it is not...if you put HE instead of POLICEMAN, it is clear that it's a normal sentence....I WANT THAT HE SHOWS ME THE STREET....nothing awkward there in my mind.


So we disagree on what is awkward.


That would be better as "I want that he show me the street" as the subjunctive should be used where you include the word 'that'.


Still artificial, maybe less so.


Viaggiatore is correct: i want that etc is VERY awkward in English.


This is not correct in English. Here we should use the subjunctive in English (if we decided to use this awkward construction): I want that the policeman show us the street.


No, your direct translation would not be correct in English. 'To want' is used differently in English for these sorts of constructions: it's subject-verb-object+infinitive, e.g. she wants you to run; i want them to go away.


'I want that the policeman show us the road' this isn't even correct English?! It's 'shows us', as I typed. I understand that some expressions are different, but do accept an answer that's at least grammatically correct in English!


it's not correct English to use 'i want that the policeman'. In English, 'to want' is used in a different way for these sorts of Italian subjunctives; one would say/write 'i want [+object] [+ infinitive]' e.g. 'I want you to eat', 'she wants them to write letters', etc


i was marked wrong for using police and DL put cop - not usually used in Ireland and England


my translation matches the above translation but was marked incorrect because I used "show" and the correction (again does not match the above) shows indicate. I am spending more time on this site than on the lessons. It is getting ridiculous!!

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