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Italian translation topics

Ciao Duolingo team,

First, thanks for the great website and addictive learning experience.

Now, as much as I like translating articles about Firefox OS, Android, and the new UHD TVs being introduced at CES this week, would it be possible to get some more variety in the articles we translate from Italian? How about some science, or history, or political news--something about the upcoming elections in Italy? Wikipedia articles? Out-of-copyright books? Movie subtitles? Restaurant menus?

January 10, 2013



I absolutely agree - the similarity (and dullness to me) of these articles, with no alternative categories, puts me off doing the translations at all...


I concur. I want something in food, cooking and perhaps science! I'm not interested in translating technology news.


Yes, I totally agree. Wikipedia would be enough for me.


Movie subtitles and music lyrics would be a great addition.


I am with you. Thinking if Italy I have in front of my eyes the beautiful landscape, delicious food, architectural monuments, masterpieces of literature and music, the rich history and and and. But we are made translate only IT topics. Maybe these translations are sold and used to finance this wonderful service? I would be absolutely fine with this, but the site offering exclusively IT/technical topics will quickly decrease the motivation of the users.


I like the IT topics because I often don't run across these words and topics in my regular studies. Every textbook has dog, cat, mom, dad etc. but operating system, development team? Don't read those everyday. However, I can agree it would be nice to have some variety.


Can we upload Italian wikipedia articles? Is that permissible? I wasn't sure.

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