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  5. "За столом много людей ."

"За столом много людей ."

Translation:There are many people at the table.

December 8, 2015



How can we distinguish between "at" and "behind" if we see "за"? За банком, за дверью are both translated as behind the bank and behind the door.


after two year's i'm also still curious. :)


The only way I can can think of is to throw in the word "literally" hehe.

Мы были буквально за столом!

We were literally behind the table! (I'm picturing a western - style gunfight breaking out and people turning the tables on their sides, then diving behind them hehe)


How would you translate the sentence "There are many people behind the table"?


What a great party!!


"At the table are a lot of people." & "Behind the table are a lot of people." are both wrong???


За столом generally means "at the table" rather than "behind the table". "At the table are a lot of people" sounds unnatural in English, but it's not really wrong, so I'd report it.


When you say it generally means at rather than behind, is "behind the table" still a correct translation? Or is there a different translation for "behind the table"?

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