"Dat zou ik niet doen als ik jou was."

Translation:I would not do that if I were you.

December 8, 2015

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"I would not do that if I WERE you" is not accepted, but I would say that is a more common translation. Subjunctive mood and all that according to google. :)


It is indeed the correct way and it was accepted for me. Perhaps they changed it in the last 3 months


Looks like they've stopped allowing the 'WAS you' also


Ja, inderdaad. :(


This IS the correct way to say it, however the wrong way is used more often I think. It's accepted now anyways.


I made a mistake but I am now wondering if my wrong sentence is correct (with a different meaning) : "Dat zou ik niet doen als ik jouw was"; could it be translated into "I would not do that if I were yours."?


Sorry, your sentence is grammatically incorrect. However, by only adding one word (and change another a tiny bit), your sentence would be correct: 'Dat zou ik niet doen als ik de jouwe was.'.

So it is almost correct! :)


Thanks a lot! It does make sense, I was wondering how "yours" would translate.


What could this "if I were yours" refer to/mean in the above grammatically correct statement? That does not make much sense to me.


Well, I could believe that the correct answer were: "I would not do that if I was you", but I was wrong. It is strange, once the conjugation of the verb to be for the 1st singular person is WAS....


"You were" is subjunctive.

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I got this as a listening exercise, but am wondering why the sentence uses jou instead of jij/je. Shouldn't the word you be nominative?

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