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Use memrise.com to learn vocabulary

It's a pretty neat way if you want to focus on vocabulary.

May 31, 2012



I really like this site, it does a better job at memorizing vocabulary but it doesn't touch Duolingo's methodology at learning a language. Actually I think it would be almost impossible to start learning a language from scratch just from memrise.com. Either way, more quality resources for language learning is never a bad thing. Thanks for the mention.

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Oh.My.God. What is this?? I'm starting to get hives, I'm so excited! Is it really free, or is there a catch?


I keep hearing about this. I'm not sure about the effectiveness of memorizing words out of context, but if it's giving people hives maybe its worth checking out. ;)


Great, I love mems. I still remember a ton of French words from 20 years ago due to mems. Thanks for that! I may get hives too :-0


Thanks, I will check it certainly.

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Okay, I signed up. Username: csi - look me up! (I'm the one with the big eyes.) Tried it out - fun! Whoever marked this down obviously didn't want to get hives.


Thanks ClassicBookworm - its a blast! Can sure eat into my duolingo time tho'.


@lingua Oh it wasn't my suggestion. I have my doubts about flash cards, and I'm not the only one. Here's a polyglot who threw his flash cards away: https://theczechexperiment.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/flashcards-vs-extensive-reading/


Exactly my current strategy too, using both together is great.


I'm using both. I believe duolingo teaches a lot of words including conjugation, and memrise is good to learn new words, when you already know how to conjugate verbs. It is very good. I'm Prado88 on memrise.


another really good website for learning vocabulary is languageperfect.com it's not free though

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