"My teacher is talking to a doctor."

Translation:Мой учитель говорит с врачом.

December 8, 2015

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Why is Моя учительница говорит с врачом not correct?

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    It's correct. If Duolingo doesn't accept it, please use the Report button.


    Doesn't разговорить mean "to be in a conversation". I wanted to mark this as well as the other choice, but hesitated because this verb has not been presented. My response with only one choice was accepted, but I'm not sure why the choice with разговорить would have been wrong. I'm finding too many synonyms for сказать without understanding their nuances of meaning!


    Not разговорить, but разговаривать. Yes, this means to talk, to be in a conversation. Разговорить, however, means to get someone talking, for example, if someone hides something and you want to know his/her secret :)


    In the English sentence there is absolutely nothing telling that the teacher and the doctor are having a chat. The teacher is simply talking to the doctor. Convince me that "Мой учитель говорит врачу." is wrong!


    Does the instrumental make the meaning more like "speaking with a doctor"?


    I used 'говорит' and got it right. But I'm curious whether 'беседует' and разговаривает' are also accepted.


    Can we use поговори?

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