"С кем твоя сестра?"

Translation:Who is your sister with?

December 8, 2015

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If we're going to be prescriptivist about things and not accept colloquial English, "Whom is your sister with?" would not be correct either. Grammar aside, I am almost certain that most English speakers would phrase this as "who is your sister with?"


Yes, both of these "correct" answers are incorrect. "Who is your sister with" or "Who is with your sister" would be how I would normally phrase it. I reported the problem(s).


1) С КЕМ твоя сестра - your sister somebody with anywhere ( with parents or friends etc)

2) Твоя сестра с КЕМ it is need understanding as "who is your sister's boyfriend"

it is not strong rule but such is the context


Can this also be a question of who that sister is dating?


It wouldn't accept "Who is with your sister."


Is it just me, or is твоя pronounced like твоей in rapid speech?


Yes, I thought this, too. I went against my better judgment and ended up getting it wrong.


If I say "Who's with your sister?", would it mean differently with the one in the suggested translation?


No, no difference in meaning at all.

That said - I think for a while, not sure if it's fixed, they weren't accepting "Who is with your sister" (which is essentially what you wrote).

I'd report it if you got it wrong and you run into it again.


Thanks, yeah I wrote "Who is with your sister" but it wasn't accepted so I thought maybe they have different meanings. Thanks for clarification :)


It seems to me that they do have different meanings: in "who is with your sister" the subject is "who". In "who is your sister with" the subject is "your sister". I think the former would be translated as "кто с твоeй сестрой?".


'With whom is your sister?' - spoken slowly with gritted teeth, piercing look - some one is in trouble !


This is silly - there are a few like this. I answered who is with your sister and it was wrong


Because you've got it backwards.


an irrelevant question: "who was your sister with?" would be "С кем была твоя сестра?" correct?


Со мной


DL can't cope with all the different but equally correct ways to translate this. First time I did "With whom ..."= accepted. Tried " Who is with your sister "= wrong. Annoying, but that is life when ruled by AI


"Who is with your sister" is wrong. "Your sister" is with somebody, not the other way round.

And Duolingo is not ruled by AI. The lists of accepted answers are manually maintained by the contributors. If there is a legitimate correct answer that is not currently accepted you can use the report functionality to improve the course.


Interesting grammatically. "With whom.." is the accurate translation. In practice, if you saw your sister with someone, no one would criticise or misunderstand or be confused if you used the other variants. The only version that might raise eyebrows if used colloquially would be the correct "With whom.."


Maybe, the other version would be "Кто с твоей сестрой?"


I was talking from a meaning perspective rather than grammatically. "Who is your sister with?" should be accepted given general English usage, despite the preposition dangling. But "Who is with your sister?" has a different meaning (albeit slightly different) with a different translation.


Should also accept "Who is with your sister?"


Not so. Read the other comments on the page.


It will have a little different meaning (in this variant you asking about person not about sister) so it will be better if u asked "whom is your sister with"


Why is "Who is with your sister?" marked wrong?


Some of the other comments on this page explain this.

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