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"your boyfriend"

Translation:твой парень

December 9, 2015



Question for native Russian speakers, is it weird or unusual to roll my r every single time I pronounce a "р"? I don't always hear the TTS roll the r. And if it is weird or Russians don't usually do it, how do I know when to not or to actually roll it?


It is not unusual, you almost always should roll the R, that's just the way it's pronounced. However, it is typically a very subtle, and quick roll (with just a few "flaps" of the tongue) unlike in Spanish, where it is much more pronounced, from my experience.


what is the difference between "твои" and "твой"?


"твои" Is probably plural and "твой" is defiantly masculine.


твои is plural and твой is singular И is pronounced like "i" in the word "sin" Й is pronounced like "y" in yesterday Hope this helps someone


Does парень imply a romantic relationship as "boyfriend" does in English, or is it merely specifying that this particular друг is of the masculine sex?


Boyfriend (romantic relationship)=мой/твой/её/его(/их?) парень. But the possessive is sometimes omitted and you hear just "парень" meaning "boyfriend". Also in possessive constructions like: у тебя есть парень/девушка?


As others have stated, "парень" really just means "guy" or "lad." There is no explicit word for "boyfriend" in Russian. So, the phrase "твой парень" is really just like saying "your man" in English. Oddly however, there is an explicit word for "girlfriend" which is "подруга" or "подруша." Although, this can also be used interchangeably among female friends, like in English.


So girlfriend is девушкa? There's no female form of парень?


Девушка=a young woman, парень=a young man. Being with a possessive it means a romantic relationship: girlfriend and boyfriend accordingly.


Literally, "парень" means "guy" or "lad"


When Vashe and when tvay


When do we use твой as opposed to твоё?


Previous exercise was "your teacher - ваша учитель", this one is "your boyfriend - твой парень". Why is it different?


What's the point of the ь? If you look at the word with the English letters they use an apostrophe and I haven't heard them pronounce it (admittedly my ear is not the most trained one around) so does anyone know what it's for? Is there something it's supposed to sound like that I'm missing?


Try "пут" and "путь" (both words exist) in Google Translate's pronunciation, you'll hear that the latter has a softer "т".


Why is "у тебя парень" wrong?


That would mean "you have a boyfriend", not "your boyfriend".

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