"Cette carte est pour elle."

Translation:That map is for her.

January 10, 2013

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"Carte" reminds me of Cartography and thus maps! :)


what is wrong with 'This menu is for her'?


"La carte" may be translated as 1) map, 2) card, 3) menu (the kind that the waiter gives you in a restaurant). Do not confuse "le menu" (a list of the dishes to be served as part of a meal) with "la carte", the full selection of all dishes available for order (i.e., usually printed out and provided to the restaurant customer for making a choice).


This is a card in what sense i.e. birthday card, playing card, credit card, business card e.t.c? Or can it be used for all?


Why is it "elle", rather than "la" or "lui"?


Because there is a preposition before the pronoun, we need the stressed form of the pronoun, which is « elle ». If it were "for him," the stressed form of "him" is « lui ».


So the stressed form of "her" and "him" are "elle" and "lui", respectively? And when there is a prep before pronoun, the pronoun should be stressed?

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    le carte means "the plan" too or only the map (of some place)?


    You may be thinking of (FR) « le plan » which is the word used for a map of a small area, e.g., a city (plan de ville), or of a large building. Large areas such as a region of a country, the whole country, etc., "map" will be "carte". Be aware that "carte" may also be used for "card" (carte de crédit = credit card, carte à jouer = playing card) or a menu (the printed card/folder that the waiter gives you which lists all the selections which may be ordered « à la carte » (from the menu). Many learners confuse the FR "menu" with "carte". They are not the same thing.

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