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hi. is this duolingo site helpful?

December 9, 2015



yes it is very helpful but then again it does depend on how you tend to learn! Different people have different methods of learning


oh thanks for your kind reply.. i hope i will get benefit from this learning method.


your most welcome and I am sure you will benefit from it. Good luck! =)


Hello! A kind person has already contributed to this but I want to add that this is good for learning to form sentences and memorizing/revising vocabulary. It will not lead you to fluency. It's also a great way to kick off on a language that you may want to start. Goodluck!


hi, thanks for your valuable advise n help..am happy that you answered my query.!


It's good for trying out a language to see how you like it before deciding to seriously study it. If you've already decided that you want to become really fluent in a language, it won't do that on its own but it's certainly a useful supplement.


hello, Really thanks! will keep your point in my mind...


I'll add to what everyone else has said, and say that it is also helpful for keeping you motivated, especially if you try and keep a streak. :-)


thanks a lot! getting positive feedback from all!

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