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  5. "Ullmhaím mo leabhar."

"Ullmhaím mo leabhar."

Translation:I prepare my book.

December 9, 2015



What would this even mean? I can understand preparing a meal or preparing a presentation, but what would be preparing one's book??? Books seem to already be prepared when you buy them or open them up to consult them. What left is there to prepare?


Putting a book cover on it before starting an educational term?


Ahh, got it. Makes sense. Okay, thank you for providing a context in which the example makes sense.


I took it to mean studying the book in preparation for the coming lesson by reading the next chapter and marking the main points in the text with a highlighter pen and writing comments and questions in the margins, whether as the student or as the teacher.


Just getting the book you need for tomorrow's lesson


A leabhair, gortóidh an ceartú seo mise níos mó ná thusa.


It made sense to me. She is the book's author, and she us working on the layout, the proofreading, and the final edits before sending it to the publisher.


Does the audio work for you in this lesson? There is a button but I don't have any audio at all :(


I doesn't work for me either, there are several lessons that the audio doesn't work for me.

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Since the last "update" about 6 months ago, Duolingo puts a speaker icon on every exercise, even when there is no audio. If you view the discussion page for a particular sentence, the speaker icon is only displayed if there is audio available.

When you are doing the exercises, if you hear audio, there is audio. If you don't, there isn't. The presence of the speaker icon when you are doing exercises doesn't indicate that there is audio available for that particular sentence.

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