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"The dresser is in the bedroom."

Translation:Kommoden står på soverommet.

December 9, 2015



Couldn't you say: "Kommoden ligger i soverommet"?

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That would imply it is on its side and not upright.

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Additionally, 'i' would be the wrong preposition.


It's frustrating to learn and then translate american words as well as norwegian. Can you perhaps use a slash?


The [dresser/commode/chest of drawers/chest/bureau][ is/ is standing/ stands/'s] in the [bedroom/sleeping room].

There you go. Looking up the odd word is probably less time consuming than reading all the sentences in Incubator format. :)


Okay, so since the purpose of this sentence is to show where the dresser is in the context of a room, being used as furniture, it's not going to use "i soverommet" because that's used more as when an item is in a purse or a person is in a pool or something along those lines?

That is, were I to be asked to translate "the dresser is in the trash compactor" I might use "i" in that case since it's definitely not going to be standing there and used as furniture in that context?

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This is my question also; I'd appreciate a discussion about the use of "på" rather than "i".

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