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  5. "Une chienne boit du lait."

"Une chienne boit du lait."

Translation:A dog drinks milk.

January 10, 2013



I wrote "a bitch drinks milk" and it works!


Yes of course it does! The original and correct meaning of the word bitch is female dog. Just like chienne.

Unfortunately the word bitch has come to be a derogatory word to call someone.

But when talking about female dogs it is still valid and not derogatory. As is chienne.


une chienne has that under the definition when you mouse over haha. And it isn't really a bad word heh.


How can I tell the difference between "Un chien" and "Une chienne" with the voice...they are pronounced the same. (or at least, I hear them the same)


Forget the noun, listen to the article.

Un is easily distinguished from une. That tells you what will follow in terms of number and gender.

Everybody is working so hard to hear some subtle difference in the noun when you already know what you need to know from the article by the time you get to the noun. .


More of continued 'n' sound. Also you can infer it with the Un vs. Une differences


In "un chien" you have a nasal sound in "chien", while "chienne" has a more defined "N" sound


I have seen it 'un chien' elsewhere. Here it is 'une chienne'. So do the French differentiate between female and male dogs then? Thanks


They very rarely actually use the female forms "chienne" and "chatte" however, as they are more commonly considered to be rude words. They translate most accurately as "bitch" and "❤❤❤❤❤" and are used in exactly the same way.


By the way, please tell how widely used is "bitch" for the animal in English. Dictionaries put this meaning as first in the list. As well as in French.
I saw a same discussion (in Spanish).at http://duolingo.com/#/comment/77751

http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/bitch (English)
http://m-w.com/dictionary/bitch (English)
http://es.wiktionary.org/wiki/bitch (Spanish)
http://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/chienne (French)
As told in the latter address, the more common slang translation in Spanish would be "zorra" for "chienne", since one generally does not have such an animal as pet, then one wouldn't use "zorra" in daily talks. However, it's needed a context, I think.


Bitch is routinely used to refer to female animals of select species by those professionally involved with animals as well as those who are serious hobbyists.

Outside of those circles it is seldom used that way.

Every native English speaker understands that meaning of the term, but avoid it because it has acquired such a pejorative tone from being misapplied to female humans.

Casually referring to your pet female dog with the term bitch would cause listeners to wonder about your feelings toward your pet. It would be seen as technically correct but rather cold (to say the least).


actually chienne means perra, zorra is more like 'whore', are not commonly used in conversations, instead, you try to say the little female dog... 'la perrita' you will never use 'la zorrita' to refer to a female dog.


But zorra and zorro means fox, no? Oh well, I'm studying French, not Spanish. :D


Yes it does. Same for cats : Chat vs Chatte


Can 'du' be used to mean 'the'...I always thought it was 'some'. Can you not say "le lait"?


Du is a contraction of de le . Thus du lait is of the milk.

In English we have no comparable usage so we translate it as some.

Using le lait would mean not some milk in general but some particular milk because you are referring to the milk.

However in this instance Duo has chosen to translate du as the. I have no idea why. They certainly don't in any of the other instances of du that they have used so far. It has always been employed as some and students were encouraged to discard it at will when translating to English.


Merci, that's what I thought lol. I guess I was making sure if it was a bug or something.


a bitch drinks milk


It says that the perfect answer should be the dog drinks THE milk, but it's 'du' so shouldn't it be some??


If I wanted to say "one dog drinks milk." how would i do it. I translated the above as such and got it wrong.

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