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"Мы за день проехали тысячу километров!"

Translation:We drove one thousand kilometers in a day!

December 9, 2015



a and one should be interchangable

[deactivated user]

    Hi buddies. I wonder if one could say... Мы (целый) день проезжали тысячу километров!


    This doesn't sound natural. It sounds like "We were driving by [as in 'passing by'] a thousand kilometers the whole day."


    Still possible, though. Like in a distant future with light speeds and stuff, when they have their rocket car broken and they spend as much as a whole day to drive for as little as one thousand kilometers.


    Translation should be 'per day' not 'in a day'


    1000 km per day implies multiple days of travel. That would be 1000 км в день. That's a different meaning than 1000 km in a day or for the day which is за день


    Straight roads, no cops...

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