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"Elephants live in Asia and Africa."

Vertaling:Olifanten leven in Azië en Afrika.

December 9, 2015

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Hoi! English speaker practising Dutch here. Am I correct in guessing "wonen" only apply to humans?


Yes you are right. Perhaps it would apply if this would take place in a cartoon, but generally you wouldn't use wonen here.


Dank u!

Hm... this just occurred to me... "leven" would also be used if the animal lives in a zoo?


I would. Wonen refers to living in a structure. In that regard you could argue if the animals in the zoo live in the structure you could use wonen and similar with birds living in a nest etc.. However, saying that, when you use wonen in combination with animals you are humanising them (similar as with cartoons). Safest best is to just use leven when it comes to animals.


Dank u wel! :-)


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