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"Анна часто мечтает об отпуске."

Translation:Anna often dreams about vacations.

December 9, 2015



ah come on - you've GOT to allow 'holiday' here!


a)"Holidays" is correct. It's a bit alienating to be told that one's native speech is wrong. British English was here first... b)If "vacation" is going to be used, it should be plural anyway "vacations"


Poor Brits, being discriminated here hahaha. I agree, holiday should be accepted, but to us Americans, vacation is singular not plural, unless in a context like, "I have been on many vacations." So what do Brits call a holiday like Easter, Christmas, or New Year's Day?


Easter/Christmas holidays Always plural Eg "Where are you going for the Easter/Christmas holidays?"


it is not always plural at all, although it is when referring to the whole period around the day itself when there is no school/work. if you only have the day itself off it is a holiday.

and you go on holiday, not on holidays unless you go more than once. I think dream about a holiday ought to be accepted.


Actually the whole sentence is unnatural It really should say something like "Anna often dreams about going on holiday"


And in American English, "on vacation". Both "vacation" and "vacations" are accepted now, and I trust that "holiday(s)" are accepted also. No need to discriminate on such widely accepted variants.


Now it allows "holiday" but not "holidays".

I know it wants plural, but "holidays" is the normal measure of time, it's an abstract concept and it doesn't work like "vacation".

You go "on holiday", but you think "about holidays", thinking "about holiday" is like thinking "about dog", it's unnatural. You can think about "the holiday" or "a holiday", but in the context she's clearly thinking about the abstract concept of "holidays" in the same way you think "about time".


I love British English and the way it sounds but it seems that Duolingo takes American English as the main as you can see if you take an English course from another language. The flag is the US and it is the same with Portuguese with Brazil flag and the upcoming Korean with S. Korean flag.

However, there should be an option to the meaning in British English too! :)


Actually, об отпуске is singular, right? It may be uncountable like картошка, so the idiomatic translation to "vacations" is basically accurate, but the prepositional plural would technically be об отпусках. Not sure if Russians would say it that way, though...


Anna often dreams about using UK English without problems, и Я тоже


"Frequently" should be accepted for часто:

часто Expand the entry | Universal (Ru-En)

нареч. 1) often, frequently


Report it using the Report a Problem button


"Anna often dreams about vacation" - I literally do not know what this sentence means.


Probably "Anna often dreams about [going on] vacation".


She should get another more exciting job!


HOLIDAY! Please.


Ok, I keep getting this wrong. Somebody help me. Отпуск = holiday as in "time off work", but not as in "going away to sit on a beach and see some sights". Right?


i think for me and for most Russians(i dare to type it xD) it's the same...Otherwise, when else how on holiday can you go to warm countries and have a rest? Of course you may go somewhere else(relatives' place) or nowhere(home, club,gym,etc). I would say holiday or vacation = to travel somewhere... (sorry if my grammar bad)


"Anna often dreams of holidays" is still marked as wrong. You CANNOT say "Anna often dreams of holiday" It's wrong because "holiday" is a not a mass/collective noun. "Anna often dreams of beer/cheese/space travel/zookeeping etc" are all OK, but you'd have to say "Anna often dreams of a holiday" to keep it singular. I don't know why people persist in saying things which are wrong are not wrong


I think a dulingo employe who made this lesson is gving signals.


"dreams about vacation" or "about the vacation" is not really typical. Anybody I know would say "she dreams about her vacation". We have been told that Russians do not always use a possessive pronoun, so I thought "her vacation" would fit. Even without the possessive, can't we asume she is dreaming about her own vacation here, instead of "vacation" as a general idea (which probably nobody ever dreams about)?


I dream about vacation all the time, without needing to specify that it's mine.


Agreed. 'Holiday' should be definitely allowed. Am I the only one whom thinks that "Anna often dreams about vacation" sounds absolutely wrong? Dreaming about vacation just doesn't seem correct.


but in Russian it's ok, funny))


"Anna often dreams of vacations" - why is this marked wrong?


Duo's right. I do often dream about going on holiday.


And what about "Ann"?


report it, i was taught "Ann".


"Daydream" was deemed to be incorrect. I complained.


Why do you accept vacationS and not holidayS?


"vacations" (plural) seems like an unnecessary, inexplicable and idiomatic translation, especially when both "vacation" and "holiday" are acceptable in the US and UK. Wouldn't "аbout vacations" = "об отпусках"?


Why is the letter "s" at the end (vacationS)? Is that plural?

Анна часто мечтаетоб отпускАХ?


I am so over ona v's anna, why don't you just give us a chance .... use francis or some other name. Is it THAT important to keep throwing the very subtle difference in pronunciation at us? Only another 12 to 18 months of this garbage....only 12 to 18 months

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