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Add streaming options?

My issue is that I'm theoretically following 16 people, and 11 of them are virtually inactive, but the remaining 5 are extremely active. That translates as an endless cascade of lessons learned or refreshed and translated sentences. I'm not particularly interested in that. I follow these people mainly because they have interesting things to say in the community. Could Duolingo in the future let us select what things we want to see in our stream?

January 10, 2013



Agreed. This is something we need to work on.


I'd love this but I'd like to take it a step further by allowing us to limit what shows up in the stream depending on which part of the forum it's posted in. That way if someone your following is extremely active in a language that you're not learning, you won't see posts regarding that language because it means nothing to you


Agreed. Hadn't thought about that since I'm learning all and, as I said, not interested in other people's learning activities in detail, bu you make a good point.

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