"Do you have a good salary?"

Translation:У тебя хорошая зарплата?

December 9, 2015

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у тебя хороший доход? is not synonymous enough?

[deactivated user]

    Доход is 'income, revenue, profit'; it's not the same thing as зарплата 'salary, wages'


    A company earns доход and uses it to pay its employees зарплата? Or is доход what's left over after expenses including зарплаты? The accountant in me screams at seeing the same word used for both revenue and profit.

    [deactivated user]

      Sorry, accounting is a terra incognita where dragons live to me! I had to read about this. So, here’s what I've understood:

      • вы́ручка is the money company gets for selling goods or doing services (I believe this is 'revenue');
      • дохо́д is the increase of the enterprise’s capital, it includes вы́ручка, but also money made by renting something or won in courts ('income'?),
      • при́быль is дохо́д minus the money spent for зарпла́та and other things needed to produce goods or do service ('profit'?).

      However, laypeople like me usually use these interchangeably. :|


      Thanks! Sorry to put you to so much trouble. Non-accountants in English are usually pretty careless with terminology as well, besides having no idea of the difference between profit and cash flow.

      You'll do OK translating as you did above, but you can probably use these terms interchangeably in English as well.


      should this not be an 4th declination (Akkusativ) khoroshuju zarplatu?

      [deactivated user]

        We express 'having' differently in Russian: we show possessor with a preposition, and make the thing possessed a subject of the sentence. Literally, it's something like 'to you [there is a] good salary?'.


        Is this a common question in Russia? Here in the Netherlands - Dutchies are infamous for being blunt and direct - it is considered rather indiscrete.


        It seems so! Already some Russians have asked me this, or how much expensive things cost that I bought. Feels quite indiscrete indeed.


        They let me get away with inserting 'есть', but assume that omitting it is greatly preferable.


        I assume other word-orders are possible. "Зарплата у тебя хорошая?" "У тебя зарплата хорошая?"

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