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"Lesson mastered" visual cue

I would like to know which lessons I have completely mastered, that is, achieved 3 or 4 hearts in every lesson, just by looking at the branch tree. A visual hint of some sort would be nice.

January 10, 2013



I like this idea, I'm a bit of a completionist, perhaps an extra badge on the lesson for those who have completed the lesson with all hearts


But have you truly mastered it if you make mistakes all the way through? Just saying it would be a feel good boost to see when you have done really well.


Precisely my point. You haven't mastered it if you have made ANY mistakes.


Yep. I'm up for this. I'm a completionist too.


Mastery is already indicated in gold for each corresponding lesson. I don't really see the level of 3/4 hearts mastery per lesson to be very meaningful compared to mastering the vocabulary and syntax for that lesson.

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