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"These horses are running fast."

Translation:Эти лошади бегут быстро.

December 9, 2015



Whats the difference between бегут and бегают?


бежа́ть -- unidirectional, one-way - "to run, escape, flee ; to avoid, to shun"

бегать -- multidirectional, return trip - "to run, jog; to go/visit often"


Lol never knew this existed


If бегать is multidirectional, why is it translated here as 'IS RUNNING?"


You are thinking that бегу́т is a conjugation of бегать, but that is not the case. Бегать->бе́гают, бежать->бегу́т


Can someone tell me what is wrong with: Эти лошади быстро бегут?


I have the same question and was under the impression that adverbs preceding verbs was more common.


It worked for me, it may be that this sentence is giving more emphasis on быстро, so it's put at the end instead. With others, the emphasis is placed on the verb, but since running already has a speed implied (as opposed to walking, trotting, etc.), the emphasis is more on the quality of the verb than the verb itself. I could be mistaken, but from reading other comments on other questions, that's what I'm deducing. This is on the mobile app, p.s.


I thought бегают also would be correct, if we think that these horses are able to run fast (not only that at this moment they are running fast).


лошади обычно не бегут а скачут...


Gallop is one way a horse runs. Horses also "trot" and "canter".

I recall a local horse-training who taught riding and also rented out horse by hour for locals to ride. He was adamant that his horses could not be ridden at more than a canter. If a rider galloped a horse, the riding session was over, and the person was banned from ever renting a horse again.


Why so serious lol


I'm missing something. If бегать is an abstract verb, intended to indicate a general action, then shouldn't the correct English translation be "These horses run fast"? "These horses are running fast" indicates that they are running right now. Wouldn't this verb aspect require Бежать, then?


Ah, I understand the confusion now. Бегут is simply an irregular conjugation of Бежать, not of Бегать (which would be бегают).


Not (I think) if they were running around aimlessly, or were running repeatedly.


Эти ло́шади несу́тся вскачь. - Reported.

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