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"Hvor ligger den store kirken?"

Translation:Where is the big church?

December 9, 2015



Why not, as an alternative, "Where is that big church?"


That's a valid translation as well, and I've added it now. Thanks! :)


Why is "den" used here?


It's required in front of definite nouns modified by adjectives, though you use different forms depending on the noun's number and gender:

den (m/f, sl.)
det (n, sl.)
de (pl.)

There are a few exceptions, as always. These are not used in front of "hele" and "halve".


Hey Deli,

Why is it ligger as opposed to er? Or would both be acceptable?


Both would be acceptable, and none of them sound strange, though I think "ligger" might be the most common when describing the location of a building.


Please, I thought you had to use "står" for buildings, trees, furniture? When do you use "ligger" and "står"? Or can you give me a link where you've discussed it before? Thank you.


Why do you use "ligger" rather than "er"?


And as a clarification, in situations like this, would "er" be correct also? Possibly not idiomatic, but not WRONG-wrong?


They're both correct, and sound natural.


What about "står"?


As a native speaker, I think "står" is more used for persons. "Står" means stands.


Why not "Hvor står den store kirken?"


"Hvor ligger" means exactly "Where lies"? Why it is wrong when i write it?


I'd like to note that an English translation of "Where lies" is not wrong. It is, however, archaic and not used in common modern speech. It may be found in exposition, prose or poetry. So if we were translating a poem ... "Where lies the big church? >Something, something. >Something that ends with a word that rhymes with church." :D It would be perfectly acceptable (and perhaps preferable) to use "Where lies". It would also be correct to use "Where is". Finally, normally when referring to actual places in English use "is". "Where is the church?" "The church is there." Which is what I believe the lesson is trying to convey. ;)


Literary yes, but in English, "lies" means "ligger" as in "He lies on the coach." (Han ligger på sofaen). In Norwegian, we use "ligge" for both locations (as in "Hvor ligger den store kirken?" (ligger=is) and "to lie"; "He lies on the coach." However, in english, you use "lie" if you talk about someone or something that physically lies like people, books, animals etc. - not about big things like churches, houses, airports etc.


Aha, thanks, in Czech we use "leží" same as in Norwegian.


Hi! I have a question, why is the form "store" used here? I believe "stor" is for fem/masc/sing; "stort" is for neuter nouns, and "store" is used on plurals. In this case could it be "den stor kirken"? Thank you in advance :)


Why "store" and not "stor"? I thought "store" was the form for plurals.


take a look at the table marked "the definitve form" at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Adjectives


My bad for not checking that in the first place. Tusen takk :)

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