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  5. "Jeg ser onkelen min sjelden."

"Jeg ser onkelen min sjelden."

Translation:I seldom see my uncle.

December 9, 2015



He must be very good at hiding.


Is 'Jeg sjelden ser onkelen min' ok?


No, but you could say "Jeg ser sjelden onkelen min".


this is what I was looking for


Would thae placement of 'sjelden' put any emphasis on any part of the sentence? In English, one would say: I seldom see my uncle. But can't do that in norsk so....does the placement of 'sjelden' after the verb underscore that I seldom SEE my uncle (but may talk to him often, etc) or if after 'onkelen min' suggest that i don't see HIM often but see others more frequently. Or am I making something out of nothing? (: Takk!!


Great question (sorry I don't know the answer).


"Jeg ser sjelden onkelen min" is "better" Norwegian but doesn't change the meaning in any way. But which word you put the pressure on will tell you if you seldom SEE him or if you seldom meet him.


Why can't I translate with : "I am rarely seeing my uncle ?"


In English, the present continuous tense (ex. I am going to the doctor) is usually used to talk about something happening NOW. The present tense (I see) is used for things that happen often (ex. I go to the doctor every week). Since seeing your uncle is something that you often do or don't do and it is not something happening right now, you must say "I rarely see my uncle." Saying "I am rarely seeing my uncle" doesn't make sense in English.

Bonus tip: the senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, etc.) are rarely used with the present continuous tense (ex. I am hearing beautiful music) and almost always with the present simple tense (ex. I hear beautiful music).


NOW or in the future, perhaps in our current plans or dreams. "I am taking the test on Wednesday." "We are moving to Canada when we win the lottery." Thanks for the hint on senses.


Im not sure the official explanation, but "I am rarely seeing.." doesn't sound natural in English. It would be more common to say, "I rarely see..."


Onkelen min heter Sheldon. Når jeg ser ham, ser jeg ham sjelden.


Jeg ser min onkel Sheldon sjelden. Only a guess. Am I right?


In English we could also say, 'I don't see my uncle very often.' But not in this case. I seldom use the word 'seldom'.


Think of it as a chance to widen your English vocab :D


Seldom means not often/rarely? I've never seen that word before xD


Yes, that is what it means. I find it an easy way to remember what 'sjelden' means.


tusen takk :D


this phrase is in the Norwegian course. One question is translate "I seldom see my uncle." and "Jeg ser onkelen min sjelden." was one of 3 options presented


Infrequently. Not often. Perhaps even rarely. "My friends used to visit every week, but I seldom see them now that my money is gone."


sounds like om tillen as two separate words . This man's voice is terribly difficult

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