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  5. "Ela atua nesse filme."

"Ela atua nesse filme."

Translation:She acts in that movie.

January 10, 2013



I asked a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and she says "nesse" in this sentence means "this". So it is "She acts in 'this' film" .


In Brazil, it's very common to use "nesse" instead of "neste".

But the best translation is "still" that.

The formal rules are:

  • This / Este = near the speaker
  • That / Esse = near the listener
  • That / Aquele = far from both.

  • 1521

Is here "Ela estrela nesse filme" also correct?


Yes, that's correct. The system is wrong where it doesn't accept 'this'. (In Portugal however, 'that' would be the translation.)


Só se ela estiver com o filme na mão./Only if she has the film in her hand. :P


I got atuar first in a sentence with eu, and couldn't therefore conclude on the infinitive. Now here it's clear that it's atuar, but meanwhile I also found atuir, which is also translated with 'to act', even having the same form with eu. Are they interchangeable?

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